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【HBAR】Wallet Download and Info

  • NameHedera
  • SymbolHBAR


Hedera is the only public ledger network using the hashgraph consensus algorithm, which is a fast 100k+ TPS, secure aBFT, with the strongest security possible in a DLT, and fair transparent time-stamping on all events, transaction censorship-resistant. The hashgraph consensus algorithm combines a gossip protocol with virtual voting to achieve consensus very quickly while using the minimum amount of data. The Hbar coin serves several functions: 1. The hashgraph algorithm uses a proof of stake model to prevent Sybil attacks nodes vote on consensus based on the value of coins in their wallet, making the coin critical to the security of the network. 2. The Hbar coin serves to reward nodes for providing consensus, as payment for API calls and to facilitate native micropayments, and 3. The Hbar coin allows one to use a Hedera API and additional services built on top of it.


  • Release date:
  • Total coins: 50000000000+
  • Supply: 5809887164+
  • Market Cap: $ 173698196.54211
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: sec
  • Block reward:
  • Retarget:
  • Proof:


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