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Back To NFT Magic Box Officially Certified "Original Artwork Collection"

2021-09-24 13:07:23 UTCRead:227654

Since the launch of NFT Magic Box, it has been deeply loved by users. With the launch of the NFT magic box function on the APP, community users can now participate in the creation and trading of NFTs more conveniently than before. The first creative OpenPunks avatar collection driven by the community, will also be available on the NFT Magic Box platform.

In order to enrich and improve the quality of platform artwork and support original pieces, has officially launched the NFT Magic Box "Original Works Collection" to attract the very best original NFTs artworks to join the NFT Magic Box platform.

After being officially certified, the "Original Works Collection" will have priority access to promotional resources, traffic resources, creation funds, and the ultra-high liquidity. aims to empower everyone to create and share NFTs. The officially certified "Original Works Collection" will adopt an application , and individual creators will no longer be certified.

Application time: September 24, 2021 - October 24, 2021

Application email:

Become an official collector of original pieces of artwork certified by NFT Magic Box. Collectors will have the chance to get the following:

Certification support: The collection of original artwork that has been officially certified will have a unified official certification mark. They will be displayed and traded in the officially certified area.

Transaction support: The sales income will be directly credited to the creators, while the collected fees will be added to the NFT Art Fund that will be used to support the artists contracted in the platform;

Financial support: An up exclusive NFT fund for training, salons, study tours, exhibitions and other learning activities for artists;

Traffic support: The platform will use global sites, vertical communities, and cooperative media. Tens of millions of traffic nodes will comprehensively promote the artists work

Event support: We will cooperate with the artists' associations, auctions, university research institutes and other cooperative institutions to organize online and offline activities. We’ll also provide more exchange opportunities for artists and colleagues in the NFT field in terms of exhibitions, voting, sales, charity evenings and other activities;

Brand support: We’re going to provide funds, venues, communication and other resources for cooperative institutions, and share's developer community, investment institutions, project parties and other full resource entrances at the level of work dissemination and circulation;

Technical support: Providing excellent blockchain technical support and training. This allows artists and institutions to focus on the creation of their artwork, giving them a better opportunity to create a profitable NFT.

How to apply for the official certification of "Original Artwork Collection"

In order to have your original portfolio certified, you can submit an application email to us through The subject of the email must have the words " NFT Magic Box Original Portfolio Application" and the following points:

Provide your UID;

Provide your email address;

Provide your original portfolio link;

Provide the name of the original collection and a brief introduction;

Provide proof of identity: Such as your occupation or in the form of a personal social media account on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, GitHub or Instagram;

Provide proof your work is original by: taking a screenshot;Photoshop, Blender, Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, etc

NFT Magic Box Telegram Group

In order to build NFT community culture, has created an exclusive telegram group for the NFT Magic Box. We will carry out a lot of community activities in the group as well as offering generous rewards and bonuses. All users are welcome to participate.

NFT Telegram Group:


1. The original artwork collection submitted by the user must be an original piece. If it is found to be a non-original piece of artwork, it will no longer be certified and the user may face a penalty.

2. If the user profits from an NFT that is not original, their funds may be frozen.

3. retains the right to the final interpretation of this activity. is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013

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Medium: Team

Sep 24, 2021

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