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【JGN】Juggernaut Wallet Download and Info

  • NameJuggernaut
  • SymbolJGN


JGN is a synthetic token generation and mining machine network that can enable token projects to have real, sustainable, and modular business models.As the blockchain space evolves, decentralization will continue to be the essence of blockchain projects and their communities. Therefore, JGN is solving the problems for most token projects, to help them build and run a sustainable business model.JGN hopes to change the structure that we have come to know and expect from other projects and incentivize its users with DeFi rewards for powering its unstoppable network.


  • Release date:
  • Total coins: 150000000+
  • Supply: 10325000+
  • Market Cap: $ 6504750
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: sec
  • Block reward:
  • Retarget:
  • Proof:


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