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How to Purchase NFT’s
Updated at:92 days 14 hours ago

How to Purchase NFT’s

To Purchase "Fixed price" NFT’s: Select the goods you want to buy, tap on the red "Buy" button, and the cost of the transaction will be deducted from the gate.io wallet account. All buyers must have sufficient funds in their gate.io account to be able purchase the NFT.

To Purchase NFT’s in the Auction: Choose the goods you want to buy, view the auction details, including Deposit, Price, Increment, Delay period, and Auction time, etc., Click on "Bid" to participate in the buy-in auction. Under normal circumstances, the highest bidder becomes the buyer at the end of the auction; if the auction ends and no one bids or the highest bid is lower than the reserve price, the NFT will be returned to the creator where they can then put it up for sale once more.

How to Create NFT

Creating artwork on NFT Magic Box is very easy, complete the following steps.

In the NFT box, select “My Asset”, and then click “Create an NFT” .

Click "Create an NFT " to start a new creation.

Input the name and deion of your work, and upload the work.

Note: The work currently only supports JPG, GIF, SVG formats (the size should NOT exceed 40mb)

After completing the above steps, you will enter the work minting interface.

Input the minting quantity and platform of your work, and then click “mint later” or "mint now" to start crafting.

After successfully creating your NFT it will be displayed in "My Assets".

How to Deposit NFT

Go to the NFT homepage, click on the "My Assets" icon in the upper right corner of the page, wait for the page to change and continue to click "Deposit" in the upper right corner, and it will pop up the following window:

In the pop-up window, select the type of NFT platform to which you are depositing from (currently only Opensea, Rarible, CryptoArt, Sorare, and GateNFT are supported). After selecting the deposit type of the NFT, you can scan the QR code in the picture above to quickly obtain the deposit address .

Please use the wallet client or online wallet to send the NFT asset to the deposit address obtained in the previous step. After the transaction is completed, the will automatically confirm it was successfully completed.. After closing the small window, the deposited NFT can be found in "My Assets" in the upper left corner of the page as shown in the figure below.

How to Sell your NFT

Go to NFT Magic Box homepage, click the "My Assets" icon in the upper right corner of the page, continue to click "My Assets" in the upper left corner on the next page, and click on the NFT asset you want to sell in "My Assets". You will be then taken to the following page:

Click on "Sell" to enter the NFT withdrawal page.

You can choose in two different ways: "Sell it Now" or "Auction". You then set the receiving currency, selling price, listing time, asset deion etc. Then click the red "confirm listing" button to start the sale of your NFT.

(1) How to set a Fixed price

As shown above, first check "Sell it Now" in the selling method, and choose the currency you want to receive in "Payment Currency". At present, the platform supports USDT, BTC and GT as the receiving currency. Then please set and fill in the Sale price, Start time and Ending time of listing as well as asset deion, etc. Finally click "Confirm Listing" to complete.

(2) How to set the Auction Price

As shown below, check "Auction" in the selling method, and then set the auction's Payment currency, opening price, start time,end time, margin, reserve price, markup range and delay period, and then click to confirm the listing.

How to Withdraw NFT

Select the NFT works that need to be withdrawn in "My Assets"log into the "Asset Details" page.

Click on withdraw from gallery and enter withdrawal address, fund password, authentication methods etc. and then click on confirm to withdraw.

User Agreement

See details in the attachment

Risk Warning

1. The platform only provides the minting, trading and storage of the NFT itself. As for its related copyright, quality, physical subject matter, implicit value, etc.The platform has no right to interfere, and users need to judge whether to trade by themselves or not.

2. NFT’s are a low-frequency transaction.. The NFT’s that are minted and put on the shelf won’t mean the sale will be completed in a short time, and a certain price discovery process may be required. NFTs that have completed the transactions cannot be withdrawn, so they need to be priced carefully.

3. NFT still belongs in the category of blockchain virtual assets. They carry the same risks as all digital currencies. Immeasurable losses are possible. Always do your own due diligence. Nothing said or done by Gate.io should be considered financial advice.Gate.io currently only supports some external mainstream platforms, and the receiving address used in the spot wallet address. Please carefully confirm the deposit address and the supported contract when depositing, so as to avoid the NFT assets getting lost on the


4. NFT Magic Box supports uploading content first, and then minting afterwards. Once the work is minted, the content information cannot be changed.

5. The NFT Magic Box supports the issuance of multiple quantities for one piece of work. Investors need to confirm the quantity information before trading to avoid large deviations in valuation.

6. The work displayed or sold in the NFT Magic Box cannot be fully guaranteed. There is always the possibility that copies on other platforms or public chains could happen at present or in the future. Users need to verify and judge by themselves before trading.

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