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Collateral Loan Notice
Updated at:579 days 7 hours ago

1. You can use a certain crypto currency as collateral to borrow another.

2. Interest starts to accrue from the time of successfully borrowing. The initial interest settlement basis is 4 hours, less than 4 hours deemed as 4 hours. After the initial 4 hours, the interest is settled on an hourly basis, less than 1 hour deemed as an full hour. Formula: Interest=Loan * Day rate/24 * How many hours

3. Loan should be repaid before or on the repayment date (loan duration is 10 days by default). If overdue, the collateral and loan will be in custody of and liquidation may be triggered to repay loan. If you need longer loan duration, you can check “auto-renew ” to allow loan to renew against the market loan offers on the interest rate and quantity priorities automatically when a loan term ends.

4. You can choose to repay earlier without any penalty; and interest payable is subject to the actual loan duration.

5. Repayment should be paid in full. No partial repayment is supported.

6. manages risk using a Collateral Ratio.

6.1. Collateral Ratio=Loan (interest payable included) value / collateral value;

6.2. The lower the Collateral Ratio , the less possibility the collateral being liquidated;

6.3. Initial Collateral Ratio is 70%;

6.4. When the Collateral Ratio reaches 80%, will send out a-lert through short message, App notifications, or email.

6.5. When the Collateral Ratio reaches 90%, liquidation will be triggered to exchange collateral for loan currency to repay the loan.

7. You can add additional collateral to reduce the Collateral Ratio and lower liquidation risk before Collateral Ratio reaching 90%.

8. Before repayment, you can not transfer out all or part of the collateral.

9. reserves the right to liquidate orders with overdue loan or of high risks.

10. You should acknowledge that collateral loan may incur interest, commissions and other fees and agree to pay interest/fees posted at

11.You should fully understand that cryptocurrencies prices are extremely volatile, and should operate with caution and mange risks rationally.

12.You agree that any investment decision and operation are out of your own willingness and you are solely responsible for the risk and gains.

13. shall not be responsible to the loss or delay of any notifications sending through any channels, email, app, or short message. You should pay close attention to your order status and be responsible to knowing the real order status even if falsely posted at

14. reserves the right of final interpretation to the above.

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